Administrative services


Administrative services - Custom Consulting

As a boat owner, you have certainly faced the hassle of administrative procedures and barrage of paperwork involved with owning a boat in the Republic of Croatia, often quite complicated and subject to various laws and ordinances. We understand that all of these regulations can be quite a challenge for boat owners. This is particularly true for boat owners coming from EU countries, and even more so for those coming from third countries.

This is why our services include a solution for dealing with all the documentation required when it comes to owning a vessel. These include permits, vignettes, compliance with ordinances and renewal of insurance policies. The service also includes taking care of relevant certificates and all other documents that need to be obtained regularly by both Croatian boat owners and foreign boat owners while they are not in the country, which are required for the legal use of a vessel.

The ePlovilo Portal was set up with the aim of providing citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area the same access to electronic services of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure that is granted to the citizens of the Republic of Croatia. You can access the ePlovilo Portal by registering via the NIAS system (e-GrańĎani, the national online system for public administration services) or via the eIDAS system (for EU/EEA citizens) HERE

The administrative services include the following:

  • Obtaining permits
  • Arranging mandatory inspections of vessels
  • Obtaining vignettes
  • Extension of insurance policies
  • Renewal of certificates
  • Harmonization of documents