Hull cleaning and protection


Hull cleaning and protection - Custom Consulting

If, as a vessel owner, you are serious about protecting your investment, you need to know that cleaning, polishing and waxing are a must to protect your hull. Both weather conditions as well as the sea water have an extremely hazardous effect on the hull of your vessel. This is why cleaning, polishing and coating are not done just to make your boat look beautiful. These steps primarily have a protective and preventive role.

There are several reasons why you should not skip coating the hull of your vessel with wax at least once a year. This will provide your hull with protection against corrosion, and the harmful effects of salt and UV radiation.

Do you have decals, stripes or graphics on your boat? Wax is their most important protective agent and will prevent their wear. The time spent on waxing and polishing your boat means you don’t have to spend time on scraping damaged decals, re-painting the hull, and re-applying new decals.

Keeping your boat in shipshape is at the top of every owner's priority list, and cleaning, waxing and polishing is what makes this possible. Proper maintenance of the hull means avoiding repairs and the accompanying costs.

The hull protection service includes the following:

  • Interior cleaning and exterior washing
  • Polishing
  • Waxing