Winter maintenance (winterizing)


Winter maintenance (winterizing) - Custom Consulting

With the arrival of cold weather, boat owners use their vessels to a lesser extent or not at all. This means it is essential to properly protect and store the vessel so you can use and enjoy it at sea next season.

Whether you plan to store your vessel at a dry or a wet dock over the winter, you need to take some basic precautions to protect it during the off-season. This is why we have prepared a winter maintenance program, known as winterizing, for all vessel owners who do not have an annual contract for the regular maintenance of their vessel, but who still need to properly prepare their vessel for winter.

The vessel winterizing service includes works on the vessel interior, the engine, plumbing and electrical installations, as well as the generators.

Although modern boat building has created resilient and quality products, boat owners should definitely not leave their vessel to the mercy of winter weather conditions since moisture and cold can destroy even the most of durable boats. Prepare and protect your boat well for the winter, and come next spring you will be happy you've made this decision.

The winter maintenance service includes the following:

  • Protection of the main and auxiliary engine
  • Protection of the generator
  • Protection of the AC unit
  • Checking of battery capacity
  • Installation of a dehumidifier
  • Disinfection of water and fecal tanks