Usluge - Custom Consulting

Detailed vessel inspection

We carry out a detailed inspection of the condition of your vessel so we can prepare a quote for maintenance and repair works or for the purchase/sale of your vessel.

Usluge - Custom Consulting

Regular vessel maintenance

This service includes continuous monitoring of the proper functioning of all systems on the vessel, including the underwater and surface part of the vessel.

Usluge - Custom Consulting


Maintenance of your vessel after the sailing season includes the preparation of the vessel and all its key systems for its period of rest.

Usluge - Custom Consulting

Hull cleaning and protection

The service of cleaning and protecting the hull of the vessel includes coating the vessel with various coatings in order to prevent corrosion and fouling.

Usluge - Custom Consulting


This service refers to all regular and unforeseen administrative services that need to be carried out for the legal use of your vessel.

Usluge - Custom Consulting


The vessel monitoring service is intended for all those owners who are not able, for various reasons, to regularly check the condition of their vessel.