Regular vessel maintenance


Regular vessel maintenance - Custom Consulting

Whether you own a smaller or a larger vessel, whether you use it often or just a couple of times a year, all of them need one thing. Maintenance. If carried out well and systematically, regular maintenance saves you both time and money. This service is intended for vessel owners who want to set sail carefree and with the certainty that the basic maintenance works have been taken care of properly.

The regular maintenance service for a vessel is contracted for a one-year period and includes all regular as well as unforeseen maintenance and repair works required as part of the use of the vessel. The exact works to be carried out and the schedule for their execution are agreed specifically with each vessel owner. This allows the owner to have an overview of when the works are carried out and to plan when he or she can use the vessel accordingly.

In addition to giving you the certainty that your vessel is safe, regular vessel maintenance significantly reduces your overall costs of keeping your vessel in good working order. The ultimate cost of a vessel that is not maintained exceeds the cost of regular upkeep by far. Also, with regular maintenance of your vessel, you ensure that it retains its value for a longer period of time.

Regular vessel maintenance includes the following:

  • Regular annual engine maintenance and repair
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of teak parts
  • Oil change
  • Complete maintenance and repair of the underwater part of the hull
  • Sandblasting
  • Maintenance of stainless steel parts
  • Installation and maintenance of navigation equipment